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Maria Louise High
Current Auctions

Art by Maria Louise High

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I list several auctions weekly through eBay.  All auctions are with no reserve and some start with an opening bid as low as $1.

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1.  Do you combine shipping for more than one auction?
It is possible to combine auctions in one shipment as long as I feel there is no possibility of damage to the paintings by doing so.  For example, two works on paper of similar size may be combined, but a work on paper and a work on stretched canvas would usually not be combined.  Two paintings on stretched canvas would never be combined.  Shipping fees would vary according to the weight and size of the total shipment.  Most often, when the auctions are for two or more watercolors, the shipping fee would be the rate quoted in the auction description for the largest piece.
2.  Will you ship via USPS media rate mail?  What if I don't wish to have delivery confirmation or insurance?
All shipments sent through the US Post Office will be mailed via Priority Mail only, insured for the final auction value of the item and with delivery confirmation.  Absolutely no exceptions will be made to this policy.
3.  What do I do if my package arrives damaged?
You will need to make a claim with the post office immediately.  For this claim, you must bring the item AND the packaging materials to your branch to file.  When the claim is for a refund, the post office will keep the painting and packaging materials and have you fill out a form.  They will then forward that form to me so I can provide the receipt/proof of insurance.  You must retain your copies of this transaction.
Please notify me before filing a claim so I can have the records from my files ready.

All images Copyright 2001, Maria Louise High. All rights reserved. No images contained herein may be duplicatedor distributed without written permission from copyright holder.

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